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Congratulations on achieving the required skills to be awarded a Level 4 Wool Handling Certificate. The New Zealand Wool Classers Association (NZWCA) invites you to join our Association and on becoming a member we will allocate you with a Q stencil number. This registration is for Cross Bred clips that you have prepared and can be written on the bales and specification. Q stencil clips qualify for our Merit/Commendation awards .The Award is made annually for well-presented crossbred clips. For this registration to be used you are required to be a financial member of the NZWCA. Complete the registration form below and send your subscription payment to NZWCA P O Box 16231 Hornby Christchurch 8441
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  • 1. Membership of the NZWCA entitles the member to support from the association in areas of professional development, full voting rights (Stencil Holders only) at the NZWCA annual general meeting and a guaranteed voice in the industry
  • 2. To maintain registration a member must be paid up financial and must attend an approved refresher course/day at least once in every three (3) years.
  • 3. As a registered, financial member of the NZWCA, the member may apply their stencil on all bales of wool prepared by themselves for which they are registered.
  • 4. According to the rules of the Association classer registration status remains the right of the NZWCA to grant, withdraw or withhold from any individual. To use this registration number on wool clips you prepare there is a requirement that you are a financial member of the association.
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Q Stencil Annual Fee $75.00 incl GST

Cheque payment sent to the address above, OR

Direct Credit made to:
BNZ Sydenham

02 0828  0036732  00

Reference: Your Name

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